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Bid for procurement of optical fiber fusion splicer of Shandong Post and Telecommunication Engineering Company


       Our company in Shandong Province Post and telecommunications engineering company, through bidding, in the competition with three other suppliers, successfully won the bid, and purchased 50 optical fiber fusion splicer m210s from our company. The company also purchased 30 av6471a optical fiber fusion splicer and 5 av6416 OTDR and OTDR in our company last year

      Shandong Post and Telecommunication Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 and reorganized into a diversified limited liability company in 2008. After decades of development and growth, it has become a communication support service enterprise integrating communication design, network planning and network optimization, engineering construction, network maintenance, communication equipment maintenance, system integration, and communication business agent maintenance and operation.

      The company has the first grade general contracting qualification of Communication Engineering Construction approved by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China; the second grade professional contracting qualification of electronic and intelligent engineering; the third grade general contracting qualification of construction engineering; the third grade professional contracting qualification of steel structure engineering; the second grade qualification of engineering design, electronic communication, radio and television industry (wired and wireless); the first grade qualification of communication information network system integration They are: Class A qualification of base station and line of communication network maintenance (outsourcing) enterprise approved by China Communication Enterprise Association; grade B qualification of classified information system integration issued by State Security Bureau; grade I qualification of design and construction of security technology prevention engineering; business license of value-added telecommunication business; class a qualification of bidding agency of communication construction project; qualification of contracting project of the people's Republic of China Certificate, etc.

      Since 2001, the company has passed the "three in one" certification of quality management system and engineering construction enterprise quality management standard, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system. For many years, it has been rated as "keeping contract and Valuing Credit" by Shandong Administration for Industry and commerce. It was jointly rated as "AAA credit enterprise" by China Communications Enterprise Association and Beijing guofutai Credit Management Co., Ltd. The company has been rated as "pioneer enterprise of credit construction in information and communication industry" and "civilized unit of organs directly under Shandong Province" for many years. The company is a strategic partner of Huawei and ZTE for many years and has won various awards. At the first cooperation partner meeting of China Tower Group, the company was awarded "2016 China tower top ten generation maintenance partners".

      The company has a registered capital of 51.1544 million yuan, with eight professional branches, 21 regional branches and two wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company has a strong professional and technical force, with more than 2800 employees, including more than 2100 with college education, 245 with intermediate and senior technical positions, 55 national registered first-class construction engineers, and 650 safety personnel of class A, B and C. It has more than 500 construction vehicles, including American ditch witch jt2720 horizontal steering drilling rig, Agilent j7231b, Anli mp1570a / mp1580a Hp10 / 40Gbps digital transmission analyzer, OTDR, antenna feeder tester, etc., which can meet the construction requirements of various communication construction projects and various special geological conditions. In recent years, it has completed a number of national key communication engineering construction projects, and won more than 220 high-quality projects at the ministerial and provincial level.

      The business scope of the company includes: all kinds of communication line engineering, communication equipment engineering, computer network and communication system integration, communication equipment maintenance, communication network maintenance, communication room decoration and communication business agent maintenance, construction engineering, steel structure engineering, security engineering, secret engineering, etc.

      The company is based in Shandong, business throughout the country's 28 provinces and autonomous regions. It has established close business cooperation with communication operators, communication equipment manufacturers, municipal, water conservancy, transportation, public security, energy, electric power and other industries.

      The company follows the management policy of "operating according to law, scientific management, safe production, strengthening environmental protection, meticulous construction, creating excellent projects, satisfying the owners and continuous improvement", always takes the needs of the owners as the focus, and is committed to continuously improving the construction quality and service level, wholeheartedly cooperating with all walks of life to create a better future!

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